How to know you need a new roof.

How to know you need a new roof

Knowing the perfect time of replacing your old roof and getting a new one is extremely important. You can’t be ignorant about it. A roof is an important aspect of your home. Not only it helps to bring out the best of your home in sense of design, but also do the most important job of saving you from different harsh climate conditions and for a longer period of time. Partial ignorance or negligence is bound to happen. But on a serious note, you can’t go blind eye.

What’s notable is maintenance, regular checking of the present situation of the roof already installed. It often commonly found that a quality product once installed stays alright for about 20-30 years. Within this time you need to check certain things and repairing the slight damages can be done. The following points will help you to understand when and how to know the time has come to get a new roof-

1. Shingling that is missing, has tears or are broken.
Often due to wear and tear, shingling gets damaged, or often completely broke and obviously it occurs after a definite period of time.
Partial repairing can sort out the problem, but u can rely on repair shinglings, as they are prone to damage permanently.
2. Any shingles that are curled or cupped at its edges.


Shingles over a certain time get curls around its edges, which will, in turn, get rip off. Leaving you with the only option of replacing each shingle with a new one, that could be cost carrying, as after again in a few years you will be needing to replace them. 
3. A thick layer of mould or mosses that have grown over large areas of the roof.
This is not a serious concern to start with. Only the fact is, it seems pretty unattractive when your nice colored roof turns green out of nowhere. Proper maintenance along with the help of local contractors or self-work can help you sort out this issue.
4. Leaks coming through the roofs.
You can’t beat this situation with patchwork. When you find sunlight peeking through your roof is a serious issue. Get a contractor as soon as possible. Get it altered with a new set.
5. Rotten sheathing or soft sheathing.
This condition of rotten sheathing or when you find the sheathing to be a bit soft on its exterior directly wants to convey the fact of getting a new set of the roof. And the time has come, indeed.  

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